Our goals:
health, wellness, and peace of mind.

Red Monkey Pilates Studio strives to be Tucson’s first community-based, anti-box gym fitness center. Our funky-fresh vibes and innovative twists keep workouts new and addictive. Community, Core Strength, and Changing your life are the things we want you to think of when you think of Red Monkey Pilates Studio. Red Monkey doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives. 

Established in 2004, RMPS ranks amongst Tucson’s best and most recognized studio for private sessions, reformer and group fitness classes. Red Monkey provides a safe space for people to come together and explore meaningful mind-body connections -- to give you an awareness of your own deep inner strength.  We utilize and honor the work of Joe Pilates, Juliu Horvath and B.K.S. Iyengar as stepping stones to your body awareness.

Red Monkey has grown into a thriving community of people working out together and finding meaningful ways to give back to our Tucson community. Our well-trained personable instructors provide our members with challenging core workouts. We sculpt long, lean bodies that are stable and strong. We believe that fitness can and does lead to happiness-- healthy body, happy mind. 

We are the studio where you will find mothers and daughters working out together, best friends meeting up for wine after an evening reformer class, wives introducing husbands to the benefits of yoga and community supporting each other through life transitions.  A healthy body and mind can lead us into healthy connections to each other. 

Red Monkey embraces instructors who seek personal connections with each client and exemplify empathy towards students of all levels and abilities. Together we are a stronger team striving for the same goals: health, wellness, and peace of mind.

Three years ago, I had a severe leg surgery and physical therapy which took six months to recover from. Once I was 100%, I felt I needed to continue a regular regiment on my own. I contacted Red Monkey and the rest is history. I started Gyrotonic twice a week, and have continued adding classes, and supplemental services such as massage. My husband also does Gyrotonic every week. We both truly are Red Monkey junkies!
— Sudy and Tom Altholz