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Red Monkey Studio

Services Red Monkey Studio offers state-of-the-art instruction in Body-Mind exercise. Our instructors are experienced, well educated and enthusiastic about their work. We are continually learning to provide you the best in fitness and wellness tools. We’re dedicated to the growth and well being of each student.

"I have now been to Pilates studios around the globe - from Forth Worth to London and Wales to Paris - and Red Monkey has a special feeling and atmosphere about it. Beyond great Pilates, you've got a special warmth going on there"
- Paul

Group Classes

Options for all fitness levels in the following categories:

Pilates: Pilates Mat
Yoga: We offer different styles of Yoga. For more information please contact us
Dance for Fitness: Zumba®
Core, Flexibility and Strength: TRX® Suspension Training, Egoscue® Posture Fitness, Full Body Sculpt, BARRE and Tai Chi

Individual Equipment Classes

Private, customized training in:

Joseph Pilates created this system of exercise more than 80 years ago to connect the body and mind. He wanted to bring back uniformly developed muscles and natural, core-conscious movement.

See changes in:
*muscle tone
*core power
*strength & flexibility
*stress reduction

Juliu Horvath developed GYROTONIC® to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons, while mobilizing the joints. It focuses on adding traction to movement to encourage the body to stretch and open.

See changes in:
*core strength
*muscle & joint flexibility
*improved athletic performance (golf, tennis & running)

Egoscue® Posture Therapy:
*Stop chronic pain in all areas of your body using gentle corrective excercises.
*Return your body's movement to a full range of motion.
*Be pain free when you do your favorite activities such as running, golf, tennis bicycling, Pilates or walking.

Personal Training:
*overcome injuries
*look, feel, and live better
*solve weight problems
*train towards a goal

Group Equipment Sessions

Be kind to your budget! Sessions held in personalized groups of two, three and four.

Duets (Pilates or GYROTONIC® equipment)
Trios (Pilates equipment)
Quartets (Pilates equipment): Most popular & cost-effective

What makes our Quartets different?
*Hour classes
*Use all pieces of Pilates equipment
*Creative instruction, never the same boring routine
*Time for stretching, crucial to flexibility & feel-good goals
*Unlimited packages available


Feel better. Improve your Pilates, Yoga or sports performance. Perk up your daily lifestyle and health. Whatever your goals, massage at Red Monkey Studio is available for any individual by appointment.

Our highly qualified massage therapists offer:

-Custom Therapeutic Massage
-Deep Tissue
-Thai Massage

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